The Manfreds

Still touring in 2018 original Manfred Mann members Paul Jones, Mike D'abo, Mike Hugg and Tom McGuinness, are joined by Rob Townsend, Marcus Cliffe and Simon Currie as the exciting new line-up of The Manfreds.

Top 10 Hits

Since Manfred Mann formed in 1962, they have firmly secured their place in the history books of British popular and R&B music. Understandable considering the number of top ten hits they have had throughout the world.

Constant Demand!

Since The Manfreds re-formed in 1991, they have been in constant demand throughout the World…understandably considering the number of top ten hits they had, not only with The Manfreds, but also individually.
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Denis Nichols
Cadogan Hall is sold out already!
Could you add a second night?
mike o'meara
Saw the Manfreds last night at Dartford.A deserved standing ovation at the end.Ive seen them 5 times now and they get better!! the addition of Georgie Fame a Mastersroke.His easy but professional style added to the evening.Keep the clothes Georgie !! you showed the others up.Its good to have style in your 70s ..Im 70.Loved your story about the old couple ...
Patricia Waistnidge
Billed as Maximum R&B but mostly 60s hits. Disappointing. Glad Rags was brilliant. Howling Wolf good opener with promise of more like it but no. Played to aged audience unfortunately some of us prefer R&B. Alter the title of your show. 60s Hits from the Manfred's.
Clare Grogan
Saw them with Georgie Fame last night at Liverpool Philharmonic, absolutely fabulous , I've seen them before but adding Georgie Fame was a big fat cherry on top of greatness. We are not part of 'an aged audience' we just remember all these cool songs from our years growing up. This show is not to be missed, best group of musicians , Paul Jones and co are seriously un believable they make the Rolling Stones look like a tribute band . Ha ha...
Keith Grantley
Went to watch the MANFREDS and GEORGIE FAME at GUILDFORD, they were fantastic what a great show they put on, could not fault it
Ian Rann
Always were my favourites. Saw them at Halifax for the fifth time. They are all tremendous although Simon Currie wasn't sure whether I was my daughter's father or granddad....grrrrr!
Keep it up lads, your music is great.
Loved Georgie Fame; just wished he'd sung 'Peaceful'.
Linda Hetherington
Just back from seeing them and Georgie Fame at The Grand Opera House York Truly fabulous night out. An absolute treat! Fantastic vocals and brilliant musicians.
Sue evans
I attended the Dec gig in York and was very impressed by the superb performance given. It was a pleasure to see genuine, talented musicians and performers performing live to such a high standard.

Well done Guys..

Sue evans
I attended the November gig in York and was very impressed by the superb performance given. It was a pleasure to see genuine, talented musicians and performers performing live to such a high standard.

Well done Guys..

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Steve May
Saw them 2ce on this tour. Great 2 and a half hours worth of entertainment. Very slick and full of anecdotes as well as the big hits. Paul Jones defies his age. He must be as good a frontman as there has ever been.We love Mike Dabo.Seen him loads of times.Georgie Fame was a great addition. Seen many of their Maximum rythm and blues concerts over the past decade. Never go home disappointed.In fact got their dvd as a christmas present in case they call it a day soon. Hope not!
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